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VCAP5-DCA update for vSphere 5.5

Released today, the VMware Certified Advanced Professional 5 – DataCenter Administration exam (VDCA550) has been updated for vSphere 5.5 and per the new blueprint has a slew of changes since it was released covering vSphere 5.0 two years ago. Among … Continue reading

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Pulling ESXi files and directory listings using WinSCP

I found myself, as I sometimes do, needing an automated process to grab semi-random information off of some ESXi hosts.  However, I would not know some of the server information before the script ran. Which causes some problems for WinSCP, … Continue reading

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Adventures in ComcastLand – DMZ on a new Comcast modem

Lately my internet connection (a 30Mbps Teleworker account) has been “acting up” with a ping rate that varied from 11ms to 1000+ms a download of 30Mbps – .6Mbps and an upload of 4Mbps-.4Mbps (using pointed at their nearest server – … Continue reading

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vCloud Director: Regaining your Edge (Redeploying from a command line)

In my demo vCD environment I often find that after a power-up the Edge Gateways don’t function properly. Options like “Upgrade to Full Configuration” don’t exist, traffic doesn’t flow or rules can’t be changed. A redeploy always fixed it so … Continue reading

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NetApp SnapLock Compliance clock

Found something interesting out today – the internal compliance clock used by NetApp’s Data ONTAP OS when SnapLock is enabled will stop if any snaplock_compliant volume is taken offline. This will result in skewing the compliance clock from the system … Continue reading

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Copy and Paste

In previous version of vSphere/ESX you could disable copy/paste when using the vSphere client by adding to lines to the advanced options of the VM: false false Note tho that with 4.1 copy/paste is disabled by default (see … Continue reading

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Trend reintroduces “no change” feature

Trend Micro’s Worry Free Business Security is a anti-virus/malware/surf protection app for small businesses (Trend says 1-100 users). Version 6 worked fairly well and had features like the ability to restrict automatic roll-out of updates. Which meant when an update … Continue reading

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VMware vSphere 4.1 training

For vSphere 4.0 VMware had a “Install, Configure, Manage” or ICM class that lasted four 8-hour days. You could also opt for a 5-day “FastTrack” class that took the ICM and added components from the “Performance” and “Troubleshooting” classes and … Continue reading

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ESXi Lockdown Mode

Lockdown is a new feature for VMware ESXi 4.x. It adds security by restricting access to your ESXi hosts to either the root user on the local console or from a vCenter management server. With Lockdown enabled, the vSphere client … Continue reading

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SORBS, Blacklists and Smarthosts

I’ve had several clients in the last few months report issues with recipients not receiving emails.  With the proliferation of SPAM and viruses email admins are coming up with new ways to identify and block unwanted email as cheaply as … Continue reading

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