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VCP6-DCV launched (new framework and three new exams incl Delta and Foundation)

[Note: I expect to update this document several times as info is released and updated, check back or follow for the latest] Today the new VMware VCP certification framework launches along with $50 beta versions of three new exams: vSphere … Continue reading

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VCAP5-DCA update for vSphere 5.5

Released today, the VMware Certified Advanced Professional 5 – DataCenter Administration exam (VDCA550) has been updated for vSphere 5.5 and per the new blueprint has a slew of changes since it was released covering vSphere 5.0 two years ago. Among … Continue reading

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Pulling ESXi files and directory listings using WinSCP

I found myself, as I sometimes do, needing an automated process to grab semi-random information off of some ESXi hosts. ¬†However, I would not know some of the server information before the script ran. Which causes some problems for WinSCP, … Continue reading

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Adventures in ComcastLand – DMZ on a new Comcast modem

Lately my internet connection (a 30Mbps Teleworker account) has been “acting up” with a ping rate that varied from 11ms to 1000+ms a download of 30Mbps – .6Mbps and an upload of 4Mbps-.4Mbps (using¬†pointed at their nearest server – … Continue reading

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vCloud Director: Regaining your Edge (Redeploying from a command line)

In my demo vCD environment I often find that after a power-up the Edge Gateways don’t function properly. Options like “Upgrade to Full Configuration” don’t exist, traffic doesn’t flow or rules can’t be changed. A redeploy always fixed it so … Continue reading

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NetApp SnapLock Compliance clock

Found something interesting out today – the internal compliance clock used by NetApp’s Data ONTAP OS when SnapLock is enabled will stop if any snaplock_compliant volume is taken offline. This will result in skewing the compliance clock from the system … Continue reading

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Copy and Paste

In previous version of vSphere/ESX you could disable copy/paste when using the vSphere client by adding to lines to the advanced options of the VM: false false Note tho that with 4.1 copy/paste is disabled by default (see … Continue reading

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Trend reintroduces “no change” feature

Trend Micro’s Worry Free Business Security is a anti-virus/malware/surf protection app for small businesses (Trend says 1-100 users). Version 6 worked fairly well and had features like the ability to restrict automatic roll-out of updates. Which meant when an update … Continue reading

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VMware vSphere 4.1 training

For vSphere 4.0 VMware had a “Install, Configure, Manage” or ICM class that lasted four 8-hour days. You could also opt for a 5-day “FastTrack” class that took the ICM and added components from the “Performance” and “Troubleshooting” classes and … Continue reading

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ESXi Lockdown Mode

Lockdown is a new feature for VMware ESXi 4.x. It adds security by restricting access to your ESXi hosts to either the root user on the local console or from a vCenter management server. With Lockdown enabled, the vSphere client … Continue reading

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