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Got a question or blog post idea around VMware, NetApp, Equallogic, clouds, SAN, Buell motorcycles, Canon cameras, or anything else?  Leave a comment below and maybe it will become the Next Great Blog Post.

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  1. james says:


    In November last year you posted about Drobos and VMware. Do you have any feelings on using an iSCSI Drobo for VDR? I’m presently looking at building some storage to run VDR in our environment, but I have no idea what performance numbers to expect.



    • JAndrews says:

      Make sure Drobo approves the use and (AFAIK) format the LUN for VMFS don’t use it as an RDM (which was my problem) or you’ll *really* trash the DROBO.

      If the only purpose of the DROBO will be VDR backup to disk – does it matter how fast it is?
      Let the initial backup run over a weekend, subsequent ones will just copy changed blocks. If you are changing so much data per day that you exceed a normal (say 8pm-6am) backup window I’d think you’re be out of the VDR/DROBO league.

      I think DROBOs are very expensive for what you get (single point of failure, limited access and use) but their support is top-notch.

      Make sure to check the iSCSI multipath posts for optimal performance.

  2. Jaime Luciano says:


    I am very interested and committed to take the VCAP5-DCA 5.5 and I would like to ask you for assistance and guidance, I just scheduled the test within 3 weeks, Could you please provide practice labs, and any documentation.

    Hardware wise the only thing that I have available is a Mac with 16GB of RAM and VMware Fusion. Thanks in advanced and I’ll look forward to hear from you.

  3. Lino says:

    Hi !

    I am planning to take VCAP-DCA 550 on March.
    Please help me !

    I want to use your lab test !

    Thank you

    Lino from Paris

  4. pluider says:

    Seems one of your links just pops up an empty tab. “DCV6-DCV information with migration paths” is the link in question.

    A general comment for vmware is and pass on if you can “Given the new cost structure and requirement of two vcap exams and paying out of my own pocket I’m seriously questioning whether to go the vcap route any longer.” It seems like certification is now trying to be a profit center rather than making sure qualified candidates are assisting vmware to shine in industry.

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