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vSphere vmk ping reply update in 5.1

There is a new KB Article out from VMware discussing a change in how the kernel managed ICMP replies. If you’ll recall some ISCSI vendors needed workarounds for how replies worked in previous releases. The issue was the reply would … Continue reading

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Demo virtual Equallogic PS6000 array available

If you’re a Dell/Equallogic partner you can finally have access to a software version of a PS6000 iSCSI array. This has been available internally at Dell since at least 2009 (the date of the included documentation) but it’s release to … Continue reading

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Fisher Price of Storage Arrays (part2)

I found out today the hard way that Dell/Equallogic require you to have a Equallogic storage array under contract in order to get access to their support site. Not the Dell support site, the Equallogic site. I have support logins … Continue reading

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What storage should I use? (was: FisherPrice of storage arrays)

The first SAN I worked on was an old Dell-branded EMC that Dell called the PowerVault 550 (=EMC AX100?). It had several interfaces that were all required to manage it, was complicated as hell and rock solid no matter what … Continue reading

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VMware iSCSI multipath (Round Robin) for Equallogic Part 2

Must read update for Equallogic multipath vSphere5 multi-path walkthrough Update: tag all Round Robin LUNs in one script Earlier I posted an entry about manually creating what you need for iSCSI multipath on vSphere 4.1 with an Equallogic storage array. … Continue reading

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