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ESXi no management network redundancy

After configuring a vSphere cluster for High Availability you might see this message on the summary page of your hosts. It’s a nice reminder that your VMkernel Port carrying management traffic only has one NIC available, and is flagged by … Continue reading

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NetApp port descriptions and what to do with e0M, SP and ACP

The current NetApp lineup has a variety of ports on the back which can be confusing to even the most experienced admin. A FAS3240 (single-chassis HA) for example has two SAS, two GBIC slots, two GBICs with FCP modules, five … Continue reading

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Management Automation

PowerShell has been embraced by a variety of companies looking to manage their products from a command line. While VMware started out with a Perl-based script set, they quickly expanded to a PowerShell set of commandlets. The official VMware Automation … Continue reading

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