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Another Drobo tale of woe

oops I also had a Drobo failure that I mentioned before. Interesting take although “there’s a big risk in getting locked into a proprietary system like this” would apply to any RAID enclosure. Since blocks are written across all the … Continue reading

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NetApp goes to 11

I was reading through the online documentation for NetApp filers (really, who doesn’t in their spare time?) and at the end of the doc page listing all of the options settings is this gem: BUGS A perfect appliance would need … Continue reading

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VMware HCL and the Dell R415

Got a call from a client with a new Dell server.  Seems ESXi won’t install (“unable to find a supported device to write the VMware ESXi 4.1.0 image to” which is the VMware version of “no drive found”). Turns out … Continue reading

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