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VCP troubleshooting

If you use VMware Capacity Planner (the original, hosted version of Host Consolidation) you know it has a local client/agent component that uploads the collected data to optimize.VMware.com for processing. However, you may often run into problems with that agent … Continue reading

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VCAP-DCA grading

So VMware’s VCAP-DCA grading is a little time-consuming. Since it is a graded all-lab test someone has to sit there and figure out what you did right and wrong and (presumably) there is a portion that is somewhat subjective. VMware’s … Continue reading

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VMware vSphere 4.1 training

For vSphere 4.0 VMware had a “Install, Configure, Manage” or ICM class that lasted four 8-hour days. You could also opt for a 5-day “FastTrack” class that took the ICM and added components from the “Performance” and “Troubleshooting” classes and … Continue reading

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