VCIX6-NV Practice Exam

The VCAP6-NV Deploy exam and certification (which leads to the VCIX6-NV badge) is a testament to the world that you have proven “hands-on” experience with NSX and can quickly resolve complex images in a real VMware NSX environment.

This post brings together some of the information I have posted on the exam and provides links to the practice questions I wrote in the style and spirit of the VCAP6-NV Deploy exam.  The practice questions are meant to be performed in the free VMware Hands-On-Labs environment and each question specifies the HOL to launch.

My blog post on the VCIX6-NV/VCAP6-NV Deploy Exam Environment

The SOSTechBlog Practice Exam:
Sample Question Guide
Question 1
Question 2
Question 3
Question 4
Question 5
Question 6
Question 7
Question 8
Question 9
Question 10

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Deployment Exam tips from VirtualizeStuff

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The Official Exam page