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Thank goodness for huge conglomerates with lengthy portfolios.  What would I do with my time if not for you?

I’ve spend the last few days trying to figure out how to upgrade Arcserve license keys from 12.5 to 15.  I have a support  contract for 12.5 and have been assured by my reseller that I get a free upgrade to 15.  However, no one seems to know how.

The sales contact at CA ( keeps sending me a SKU (ie order number) to renew my service contract.

“My login” at has tons of information on every product I don’t own and nothing for Arcserve

The licensing link returns me to the main page

The “contact licensing” is a link to a 7 page PDF listing contact numbers for all of their products… except Arcserve.

Poor support  = no support.  Time to change products.  BackupExec? Comvault?

Update: regardless of the reseller’s assurances it turns out our contract had expired.  Why CA can’t tell me this I don’t know.  As a new added twist – CA can’t seem to deliver prices or part numbers to the reseller to renew the contract.  It took 2 minutes to get a quote from Symantec to replace Arcserve, it’s been 2 weeks waiting for CA to get pricing.

BackupExec here we come.

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  1. Stark Sims says:

    I don’t have any information on this customer to reference what has been done. Could this information be supplied to me so that I can defend myself and offer an explanation?

    • JAndrews says:

      I will email you directly, however the end result (note the update above) was you were emailing an SKU for us to reorder support instead of the key we needed for the free upgrade to 15. What was not communicated was that support had expired, thus the need to reorder.

      Anyone at CA want to comment on how incredibly hard it is to find anything useful on your website?
      I’ll work on a post, but I worry about the length.

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