VMware HCL and the Dell R415

Got a call from a client with a new Dell server.  Seems ESXi won’t install (“unable to find a supported device to write the VMware ESXi 4.1.0 image to” which is the VMware version of “no drive found”).

Turns out that while his new Dell R415 is on VMware’s HCL, it shipped with the default S300 software RAID controller which is not on the HCL list.

Lesson learned, check all your components on the HCL!

Edit:  Incidentally the resolution is to contact Dell and upgrade to any of the other available internal hardware RAID adapters (6ir, H200, H700) – they are all on the HCL.  You might find it easier to return your R415 and purchase a different one with the right card.

I’m working on a post about HCLs, support contracts, eBay and insurance policies…

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