VCP troubleshooting

If you use VMware Capacity Planner (the original, hosted version of Host Consolidation) you know it has a local client/agent component that uploads the collected data to for processing.

However, you may often run into problems with that agent pulling performance or other data from its fellow servers at the client’s site. This is usually a permission/rights issue caused by GPOs, non-standard domain rights, upgrade bugs that remove permissions and other reasons. VMware has a few links like this one and Microsoft has other methods like this one to help fix remote access to the registry and performance monitor.

Another solution (and my preferred method) is to install a copy of the VCP agent on each problematic server.
Capacity planner accepts data from any number of local agents, just make sure you associate all of them with the same database and you’re good! The only downside is making sure you remove the agents at the end of the monitoring period.

Per VMware some of the error received include:
You may receive the following errors:
-1073738824 – The specified object is not found on the system
Access is denied
Error 13 – Type Mismatch
Collection for System ‘XXXX’ has completed with a status of ‘Unknown error (The specified object is not found on the system.)
MapErrCode2Key: Unknown error code -1073738824

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