VMware Workstation 2013 public tech preview

Just got an email from VMware:

Get Started Now
1. Download the VMware Workstation Technology Preview here:
2. When prompted, enter this expiring license key to enable the software:
M109C-N0J5L-08J8A-02ARP-CE64F (expires 10/15/2013)

The VMware® Workstation™ Team is excited to invite you to participate in the VMware Workstation Technology Preview 2013. With the upcoming Windows 8.1 release, and the recent releases of Ubuntu 13.04, and Fedora 18 we thought it was the perfect time to release a technology preview. We would like to get your feedback on new capabilities that may appear in future releases of VMware Workstation.

In this preview, we would appreciate your help in evaluating the following areas:
• Creating and running Virtual Machines using the latest operating systems
• Running Restricted virtual machines with an expiration date
• Converting physical machines running Windows 8 into virtual machines
• Performance of Virtual Machines running up to 16 vCPUs
• General stability, application compatibility and usability

Hmm, my laptop doesn’t have 8 cores+HT to try out 16-CPU VMs but WOW!

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