BGinfo for RDP sessions

BGinfo is a nifty little utility from Sysinternals (now owned by Microsoft) that can overlay information about your PC on the existing wallpaper. This is most useful when you are remote controlling machines and need to be sure which desktop you are actually on before you format c: I typically just use the system name and maybe the IP address, but there are a ton of fields available to use.

One of the issues you might run into using BGinfo is it will overlay the information on the existing wallpaper by default – even if the wallpaper already has the information. This is only an issue if you routinely connect using different resolutions and don’t log out – subsequent logins with different resolutions will result in a jumbled mess of overlaid text.

A quick fix is to tell BGinfo specifically what wallpaper to use.

In BGinfo click the Background button and select “Use these settings” You can set a specific wallpaper to always use, or leave the Wallpaper Bitmap and Position blank and just set the color. You might also use a different color for each type of system, or location of systems as needed.


Voila, nice clean overlayed wallpaper each time you login.

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