vSphere 5 Classes

A new class has been released by VMware: “Overview”
Here’s a quick rundown of the current options:

VMware vSphere: Overview [V5.0] : 1 day.
Introduction to vSphere and review of features. Assumes basic tech skills.

Labs: vCenter, Virtual Machines, Resources, Migration, DRS, Alarms, HA

VMware vSphere: What’s New [V5.0] : 2 days
New features and enhancements. Assumes strong knowledge of 4.x

Labs: Upgrading, VM/Network/Storage/Cluster management (one lab ea), HA, VCSA, Auto Deploy, Image Builder

VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [V5.0] : 5 days
Covers all the basics for installing and managing vSphere. Assumes basic tech skills.

Labs: vSphere and web clients, Config ESXi, VMs (5 labs), VCSA/vCenter, Standard switches, IP storage, VMFS, Templates/Clones, Access, Resource Pools, Performance, Alarms, HA, DRS, Update Manager

Note that ICM 5 is ICM 4.1 minus advanced topics (vDS, Host Profiles, Linked Mode, other little things) plus VCSA and VSA. There is less content and more breathing room than ICM 4.1

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