VMware vSphere Fast Track v5

A new infrastructure class has been added to the current list, “VMware vSphere: Fast Track [V5.0]”

vSphere FastTrack V5 Datasheet

While it shares the same name as a 4.1 class it seems to be closer to a 5.0 version of the 4.1 ICM class. It covers Host Profiles, Distributed switches, the vMA plus things like Auto Deploy and Storage I/O.

If your organization has Enterprise Plus licensing (or the vDesktop license for a VDI deployment) you’ll probably want to take this class if you need an intro to VMware. This would also cover more material for the VCP exam than the standard ICM class.

Anyone not considering the VCP exam, especially those who will not have Enterprise Plus licensing should stick with ICM.

Those with good basic knowledge of ESX/ESXi/vCenter should continue to wait for the more advanced classes.

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