VMware Lab Connect

Read the full details here, but essentially VMware just made it possible to take your VMware training labs home with you when you leave your training class.

Right now, students in the vSphere Fast Track, or ICM 5.0 or 5.1 will be able to use 30 hours/30 days of VMware Lab Connect, which is essentially a re-creation of the class lab environment, but each instance dedicated to one user.

Note: this is open to students who completed the class by October 1 – so if you took it in the last few months you’ll get access.

Look in the future for it to open to other classes and be a pay-service for students and non-students. Note also if you registered for the Project Nee Beta, this is the first public relase supported by that environment.

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2 Responses to VMware Lab Connect

  1. Quentin Sligh says:

    I just inquired about the VMware Lab Connect through vmWare and beware. This service is ONLY available you students that have taken their classes at a VMware training center. Global Knowledge is not considered a true VMware training center. Just thought I’d pass that bit of information onto anyone who’s thinking otherwise.

    • JAndrews says:

      Since it’s only been available for 2 months I think the phrase should be “currently” is only available to VMware-direct students. I would expect this to be expanded very shortly to any student and then an eventual ramp-up to anyone interested.

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