TANSTAAFL – VMware discontinues lunch with classes

Per an email sent to VMware contract instructors this morning:

“effective February 25, VMware will no longer be providing lunches to our students”

The only real downside is the loss of inter-class discussions and occasional over-lunch in-depth teaching. It will also increase the average length of the live learning as a provided lunch can be finished in 20-30 minutes but if students have to go out for lunch they’ll need an hour.
I’m not sure how many VATCs provided lunches but online classes didn’t 😉

The question is if VMware is cutting this out (and laid off 900+ last week) what’s next?

UPDATE: That was quick. No more free bags given out after 2/25 either. If you have not taken a class with VMware, in the past at the end of class you were given a backpack/laptop/book bag. That handout will stop on 2/25 also.

Enjoy the free Lab Connect time while it lasts (vSphere Fast Track and ICM students only) – that has to cost far more than lunch and a bag!

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