P4C: pCLI for View Parameter seeks cmdlet for long-term relationship

There is a list of “View PowerCLI Cmdlet Parameters” in the View documentation but while they are very useful when you have a cmdlet you are trying to run, the descriptions listed in the doc do not include which cmdlets have those parameters.  This will slow you down if you are trying to work backwards from how to enable a setting.

Default Display Protocol Settings (-defaultProtocol)
cmdlets: Update-AutomaticLinkedClonePool, Update-AutomaticPool, Update-ManualPool, Update-ManualUnmanagedPool,
Reported by: Get-Pool (as Protocol)

Deletion Policy Settings (-deletePolicy)
cmdlets: Add-AutomaticLinkedClonePool, Add-AutomaticPool, Update-AutomaticLinkedClonePool, Update-AutomaticPool
Reported by: Get-Pool

Flash Quality Settings and Flash Throttling Settings (-flashQuality and –flashThrottling)
cmdlets: Add-AutomaticLinkedClonePool, Add-AutomaticPool, Add-ManualPool, Add-ManualUnmanagedPool, Add-TerminalServerPool, Update-AutomaticLinkedClonePool, Update-AutomaticPool, Update-ManualPool, Update-ManualUnmanagedPool, Update-TerminalServerPool
Reported by: Get-Pool

LDAP Backup Frequency (-ldapBackupFrequency)
cmdlets: Update-ConnectionBroker
Reported by: Get- ConnectionBroker

Pool Type Settings (-poolType)
cmdlets: Get-DesktopVM, Get-Pool,
Reported by: Get-Pool

Power Policy Settings (-powerPolicy)
cmdlets: Add-AutomaticLinkedClonePool, Add-AutomaticPool, Add-ManualPool, Update-AutomaticLinkedClonePool, Update-AutomaticPool, Update-ManualPool
Reported by: Get-Pool

Refresh Policy Settings (-refreshPolicyType)
Note that the doc refers to this (working link and all) as Smart Card Authentication Settings
cmdlets: Add-AutomaticLinkedClonePool , Update-AutomaticLinkedClonePool
Reported by: Get-Pool

Smart Card Authentication Settings (-smartCardSetting)
cmdlets: Update-ConnectionBroker,
Reported by: Get-ConnectionBroker

View Composer Maintenance Task Types (-composerTask)
cmdlets: Get-DesktopVM
Reported by: None (use the GUI or read from LDAP)
You can also schedule this using Send-LinkedCloneRebalance, Send-LinkedCloneRecompose, and Send-LinkedCloneRefresh.

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