vCenter Orchestrator appliance 5.5 : error 500 a.k.a re-licensing vCO

I tried to log into my demo Orchestrator 5.5 appliance today and got rejected by the webclient, downloaded Orchestrator client (“Cannot connect to host.”) and configuration pages.  Going to http://ipaddress gave me a error 500 – Internal Server Error.


A quick check told me that the vCO service wasn’t started. Logging into the Orchestrator Configuration GUI I found out the trial license had expired.  The vCO appliance was not set to get its license from vCenter (which had been updated with a new license).

To switch Orchestrator to pulling its license from vCenter (useful if you’re like.. say a vExpert and/or VCI and live from eval-to-eval):

Log into https://IPaddress:8283 as username vmware and the password you set when you installed the Appliance. Hint: it needed to be “strong” so it’s not “password”

Click Licenses



Select “Use vCenter Server license” and enter your vCenter info.


Click on Startup Options and restart Orchestrator


Note, while testing this out I found that the vCO Server service might start, but if the license is out you will never be able to login.  So if you are tying to connect to vCenter Orchestrator and can’t login or the screens are just white, check out how the appliance is licensed.

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