VCAP-DTD post from one of the SMEs who worked on it

New post today over on The Virtual Buddha from one of the SMEs who helped create the VCAP-DTD exam (he also helped build VCAP-DTA, VCP5-DT and several others, but I digress).

The post includes background on the exam, tips, links and other certified goodness.


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  1. R.S.Sundar says:

    Heartiest Congrajulations Linus Bourque on successfully certified for VCAP-DTD exam.Iam sure your exam tip is going to be usefull to me and our friends who subscribed to your portal.

    Please do share some more exam preparation techniques like what kind of lab work we need to prepare so that it can improve knowledge and pass the exam too.

    Iam currently a VCP5-DCV,VCA – Cloud/WM/DCV and currently planning to do the next level cert. But i also thought of doing more practical labs and then proceed. Kindly guide me how i can achieve VCAP-DTD

    Thanks in Advance.

    Best Regards,

  2. virtbuddha says:

    Hi R.S. Sundar,

    So first, this blog isn’t my blog. This belongs to my colleague and one is mine.

    That said, the exam is the Desktop Design exam and not the Datacenter Design. Make sure you are thinking of the right one. I mention this only because your VCP5 is a DCV (DataCenter Virtualization) and if you are going to prep for the Desktop Design you’ll need to have spent some time doing desktop designs. The Exam Blueprint, as listed in the blog entry, does tell you exactly what you need to know to pass the exam. If you want class recommendations, that is also listed in the blog entry. The View 5.1 Design Best Practises will help with that kind of guidance.

    The DTD isn’t about pushing knobs and twisting buttons but understanding the why of pushing those knobs and buttons. It’s a different mindset and if you’ve never done a design you should definitely sit the class. This class is best done in person as a lot more is learned from interaction with others.

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