Discontinued VCAPs! as of 3/2/15

Per the VMware announcement today you can no longer sign up for the VCAP exams in the Cloud or Desktop tracks. No more CIA, CID, DTA or DTD exams.

Anyone wanting to advance beyond VCP5-DT or VCP-Cloud will need to wait until the VCIX exams are launched, and then pass both the design and admin exams for their chosen track (not to mention, pay $800 total) to achieve the VCIX certification for that track.

If you are already signed up to take one of these exams before March 14, no worries (assuming you pass) as you will still be able to take the exam.
If you’re scheduled after 3/14 you can either reschedule it to before 3/14 or get a refund.

(Edit: Updated existing registration info)

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11 Responses to Discontinued VCAPs! as of 3/2/15

  1. Nealo says:

    Hmm think I’ll get booking my vcap-dca550 quick smart before that gets retired!!!

    • They are not changing existing registrations before March 14 – so there is a 2-week window. The DCA510/DCD510 got a hard stop imposed 3 months after their announcement.

      (Edit: Fixed existing registration info)

  2. Ryan says:

    Hi Josh, is there any news on the upgrade path from VCAP5 to VCIX yet? Do you know when it might come if not?

  3. uvmwareJake says:

    Good thing I’ve only just really started to study for my VCAP. Will wait it out and go for the VCIX-DCD first, then the VCIX-DCA to get VCIX-DCV

  4. lorenzo says:

    Hello Josh , will the VCAP-DCA550 also be impacted after 14/3/2015 ? , i am planning to prepare and take the exam

  5. Scot says:

    Josh, do you know how this will affect recertification? If we pass one of the VCIX exams will that suffice to recertify all of our VCPs? Will you have to pass both VCIX exams in a track to recertify? Thanks.

    • If you are upgrading from VCAP to VCIX then you should only need one exam to be certified, which will reset the 2-year VCP clock.
      NOTE: The upgrade paths are no published so that is speculation

      If you do not have a VCAP, you will need to pass both VCIX design and VCIX admin exams in the track of your choice to receive the VCIX cert and reset the 2-year clock.
      Right now there is only one exam for the networking track.

  6. Jimmy Lininger says:

    If my exam for the VCAP-CIA is scheduled for 3/14 @ 8 am am i still good or do i need to reschedule?

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