Trend reintroduces “no change” feature

Trend Micro’s Worry Free Business Security is a anti-virus/malware/surf protection app for small businesses (Trend says 1-100 users).
Version 6 worked fairly well and had features like the ability to restrict automatic roll-out of updates. Which meant when an update came out you could selectively test it on a few machines before rolling it out company wide.

Then trend released Version7. The documentation and knowledge base referred to (and had screenshots of) that feature, the only problem was it didn’t exist. Version 7 looved very similar to 6 and had the same “Client privileges” section where the option was enabled, the only problem was that option wasn’t in the list.

Trend has finally re-added the missing feature

I’m not sure which subrelease first got it turned on but I suspect it was SP1 because I deployed most of the others and never saw it until now.

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