VCP6-DCV launched (new framework and three new exams incl Delta and Foundation)

[Note: I expect to update this document several times as info is released and updated, check back or follow for the latest]

Today the new VMware VCP certification framework launches along with $50 beta versions of three new exams:
vSphere 6 Foundations: Exam code: 2V0-620
VCP6-DCV: Exam Code: 2V0-621
VCP6-DCV Delta: Exam Code: 2V0-621D

The new framework (the biggest thing to hit the VCP since they went away from paper and pencil) really only affects new candidates – which will include anyone whose existing VCP certifications expire on May 8. New candidates will now need to take two exams in addition to a required course.

There is a Notes about the Betas section at the very end of this post.

vSphere 6 Foundations
The first exam is a 100-question/120 minute (for the beta) online-only in-person exam called “vSphere 6 Foundations”. The intent of the exam is to separate out all of the common vSphere knowledge required for each certification silo (Datacenter, Desktop, Cloud, Networking) into its own exam. Note that the “live” version of this exam is projected to be online.
More on the background of the Foundation exam here

The Foundations exam covers topics like:
General VMware products, Install and Configure vCenter and ESXi, Basic vSS and vDS, Basic storage incl VSAN and VVOLS, Basic VMs and vSphere vApps, HA/DRS Clusters, FT, Resource Pools, VDP, VUM, Troubleshooting vCenter/ESXi/VMs, vCenter Monitoring and Alarms, and basic vCOPs.

There are 26 objectives in seven topics.

If you take vSphere 6 ICM course you will be pretty well covered for the Foundations exam.

VMware Certified Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization
The next exam up is the latest version of VMware’s flagship certification exam.

Building off of the Foundation exam, 2V0-621 (as it’s now affectionately known) starts off with Role-playing ..err.. I mean Role-based Access control and securing hosts, vCenter and VMs incl SSO, then advanced networking (primarily vDS incl NIOC), advanced storage (whoo hoo! masking!) including more VSAN and VVOLS plus Storage I/O control, upgrading vSphere, advanced pools (swimming, motor, betting), advanced backups and recovery, more advanced troubleshooting, auto deploy & host profiles, converter (that one’s not a joke, converter is on there), advanced HA&DRS, advanced VMs & vCloud Air.

So basically, take Foundations, turn it to 11 and add Converter & vCloud Air
30 objectives in 10 topics.
100 questions /120 minutes for the beta.

VMware Certified Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization Delta
Last (for today) but not least is how existing certified individuals can upgrade to VCP6, namely the the limited edition “Delta” 2V0-621D. (no, not Delta Force. Just Delta). The VCP6-DCV Delta exam is intended for current VCP-holders (which means any VCP-holder prior to May 8). It’s slightly shorter than the “non-Delta” VCP6-DCV.

To arrive at the Delta objectivesm, take the full VCP6-DCV exam and drop Troubleshoot and Monitor vSphere Performance, Troubleshoot HA/DRS, Converter, and vCloud Air
It’s 90 minutes and 75 questions for the beta.

If you are seeing “This exam is not currently available”:
Try again later, updated before Pearson today.

Notes about the Betas

Betas are only available to schedule until the end of May. Looks like the earliest slot is 4/3.

Beta exam info from VMware

The Betas will have specific requirements for candidates – you must meet requirements to get an authorization code.

The Betas will run (seat time) longer and have more questions than the Live/launched exams.

The Betas will have a limited availability and Delta will probably fill up first – so get authorized and sign up early!

The Betas will not be scored immediately – it may take a couple of months to receive your score.

This makes it a bad choice for anyone whose VCP is expiring on May 8. You won’t know if you’ve passed the Beta by then!

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