Moving an NSX DLR control VM (datastore or host)

If you have deployed an appliance along with your NSX distributed logical router you might need to move it around in the vSphere environment.

However, using the normal vSphere migration method causes more than a few issues.

Oh, that doesn’t look good!

Not to worry, because NSX makes it pretty simple to relocate them.

First go to Networking & Security / NSX Edges and double click on the DLR in question.

Under configuration, select the appliance instance to move (the “Name” field will match the vSphere name) and click the pencil/edit button.

Then choose the new values.

The table will be updated with the changes …

and if the datastore was changed you can go to vSphere and see the new appliance deployed and the old one removed.

when the deployed VM is only ~1GB total it is pretty quick to replace!

Note that the same method works to move all NSX components other than NSX Manager. Note also that the same recreate/delete is used for all moves even when just changing folders!

Speaking of folders, if an NSX object is moved into a folder,  it can’t later be moved back to “no folder” using the web client.

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