Can’t create Universal Transport Zone or UDLR with NSX 6.2 / 6.3

VMware NSX 6.2 introduced Cross-vCenter including Universal objects like Universal Transport Zone, Universal Logical (Distributed) Router (UDLR), Universal Logical Switch.

So what happens if you’re on 6.2+ and you can’t create those objects?

Can’t create Universal Transport Zone.

Can’t create Universal Logical rRouter.

Can’t create Universal Logical Switch.

If you find yourself trying to create these objects but the option isn’t available but you’re sure you’re on 6.2 or higher, set your primary NSX manager to “Primary”

Assign Primary Role to the main NSX Manager.

This will enable the creation of universal objects and enable more options for NSX managers including “Perform Universal Synchronization”.

And now we can create the Universal Transport Zone

and UDLR

Creating a UDLR.

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