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VCAP5-DCA sample questions posted on the VMware forums

Three here:¬†https://communities.vmware.com/message/2296321#2296321 Five here:¬†https://communities.vmware.com/message/2308975#2308975  

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VCAP Test Track – VMworld live mock exam for VCAP5-DCA (Updated)

Latest word from VMworld is there will be a live-lab contest built to reproduce the VCAP5-DCA experience with a twist – contestants will be timed and prizes awarded.

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VCAP-DCA (4) Passed!

I received an email a few minutes ago that I managed to pass the VCAP-DCA the second time around. $800, two months of prep (tho I only studied about 1 additional hour in the 40days between takes), 7 hours of … Continue reading

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VCAP-DCA grading

So VMware’s VCAP-DCA grading is a little time-consuming. Since it is a graded all-lab test someone has to sit there and figure out what you did right and wrong and (presumably) there is a portion that is somewhat subjective. VMware’s … Continue reading

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