Day 5: VMware Center for Advanced Learning – Advanced Architecture Course

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Good day, and welcome to Day 5.  Last day for this week, it’s been a firehose of information so far.  Today is NSX in the morning, use cases, -V, -T and NSX SD-WAN (the solution formerly known as VeloCloud).  PowerNSX, PowerOps and always focus on the business need/use case.

Afternoon is VMware Cloud Foundation with workload descriptions, vRA, VDI and VDI with vRA.

The course is providing lots of looks at how VMware anticipates services around their products changing to meet the needs of tomorrow’s business models.  Start adding capabilities to solve business needs and stop just deploying and walking away.

Its also eye opening to see how they view VCF and some of the other automation tools to decrease admin overhead and free up man hours to work towards solving specific use cases.   VCF also looks much better than when I first commented on it.   It configures (Day0, Day1,Day2) the switches managing the VMware environment.  Who knew?

Time to get with the team and work on the presentation.

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