Day 9: VMware Center for Advanced Learning – Advanced Architecture Course

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Presentation day!

After lots of long hours working on the deck and the talking points, the presentation was delivered.  We had a panel of 9 experts sitting in as the client, responding to the presentation as it went and asking follow-up questions.

Afterward there was an awards presentation for best teams and top individuals with cool jackets and other prizes.

To recap the experience, it was a 9-day whirlwind of advanced product knowledge, road map (services and products), and soft skills training like informal and formal CxO interactions.

I look forward to working with colleagues on these skills and using them to help customers solve their business problems.  No more “Hey I have a cool product,  let see what excuse we can find to sell it to you” but “Lets work together to identify and resolve the problems preventing you from succeeding.”

Now I desperately need some sleep.

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