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Demo virtual Equallogic PS6000 array available

If you’re a Dell/Equallogic partner you can finally have access to a software version of a PS6000 iSCSI array. This has been available internally at Dell since at least 2009 (the date of the included documentation) but it’s release to … Continue reading

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iSCSI Multipath for Equallogic round 3

I posted a rather cryptic set of commands way back when, followed it with a script from Dell that would setup multipath on vSphere 4.x for you, then followed that with setting up MPIO in the GUI. Now I’m back … Continue reading

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NetApp FAS2xxx / FAS3xxx 2 NIC Ethernet scheme

The NetApp FAS2020 was a pretty popular array, it had a very low price point, came with a lot of software and could handle a decent workload. The main problem was the lack of connectivity, a problem shared with many … Continue reading

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NetApp head swap (FAS2020 / FAS3240) and upgrade (7.3.6 to 8.0.2)

Three years ago a client purchased a FAS2020, with 12 SAS disks in the head and a Fibre Channel shelf of ATA disks. After a year (or so) they added a second FC shelf The FAS2020 was a big success … Continue reading

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Jumbo vs Flow Control

Don’t forget to check your Ethernet switches for Jumbo vs Flow Control support and recommendations – and double check your config to make sure it matches. Some switches support both, some prefer one over the other – or you might … Continue reading

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Drobo: all 25 reasons (so far) not to put one into production

Yesterday I posted “Reason 25 not to use a Drobo” and refereed to an earlier post listing another reason. Some folks have asked what the other 23 are. My running list so far, in no particular order: (note this is … Continue reading

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Reason number 25 not to use Drobo in a production environment

DroboElite’s have 4 options for “format type” NTFS (XP), NTFS (new than XP), Multi-Host and none. Why those are considered “format type” is beyond me, but suffice to say you need one of the NTFS versions to connect the volume … Continue reading

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NetApp FAS3240 configuration with HP and Enterasys switches

The challenge is to configure a FAS3240 for iSCSI and CIFS traffic, giving both the best performance possible. The iSCSI network consists of two HP Procurve 2810s in a “stack” (which is what HP calls managing two switches from the … Continue reading

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NetApp port descriptions and what to do with e0M, SP and ACP

The current NetApp lineup has a variety of ports on the back which can be confusing to even the most experienced admin. A FAS3240 (single-chassis HA) for example has two SAS, two GBIC slots, two GBICs with FCP modules, five … Continue reading

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NetApp for VMware best practices

NetApp just published an update to TR 3749 to include vSphere 5. includes good tables listing all the features supported for FCP/iSCSI/NFS datastores.

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